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The Dealer

The Dealer

She’d only worked in the casino a few weeks before he came in. In his sixties, white hair, white goatee beard, a little overweight but still somewhat distinguished in a professorial way. He’d play a little roulette, maybe push a few coins into the slot machines, then come over to her blackjack table. On the first night she dealt him the cards, he played conservatively. Small bets, saying “stand” when he was well away from twenty one, not daring too much. Then he came back a few evenings later and his bets started to go up into the hundreds instead of twenties. He was winning a little, but not a big sum. Then he came back a few nights later and suddenly the bets were getting much much bigger. He’d start wagering over a thousand on a single hand. At the same time, he was winning more consistently. Always leaving the casino with more than he started with.

She knew the casino management had surveillance on all the tables so it was no surprise when the floor manager called her in at the end of her shift. “That old dude with the white beard. Do you think he’s counting cards?” She sat in a chair and thought for a moment before she looked up to the manager’s face which looked pale in the stark white, neon lit office. “Counting cards? I don’t think think so.” The manager seemed not to be satisfied. “Does he show any emotion? Smile at you maybe? Maybe look to see if you’re suspicious?” She was sure about this answer. “He never speaks, never looks at me. He plays for half an hour, maybe an hour, then leaves. Doesn’t say a word.”

The man with the white beard didn’t appear for a whole week after that. It was like he knew the casino was watching him. When he finally did appear again, he went straight to her blackjack table. As usual, he didn’t look at her, but she noticed he had a much bigger pile of chips than usual to play with and over the course of the next hour he started making bets that dwarfed his previous gambling. Not only did he make the big bets but he was winning big too. So big, a small crowd of onlookers gathered at the side of the table as he pushed ten thousand, twenty thousand, even fifty thousand towards the dealer and managed to consistently beat the house.

She wasn’t surprised when he decided enough was enough and suddenly got up and took his piles of chips to cash them in. When her shift ended, she knew she’d have to answer more questions before she left for the night. Sure enough, she ended up in the floor managers office again answering his questions under the same bleaching neon light. “So you didn’t see anything? Maybe something like a hearing aid? Maybe he looked up at someone signaling to him? Or had some device in his pocket.” She hadn’t seen anything suspicious and she said so but the manager looked upset about the money they had lost to the man with the white goatee. Before she left the room, he leaned over her and spoke a little menacingly. “When that old dude comes in again, we’re going to take him down. He was too good. Something’s not right.”

As she rode the bus back out into the sprawling suburbs, she looked out of the window into the blackness of the city and the dots of lights inside the homes and apartments they passed. It was an okay job being a dealer, she thought. The people put the money and the table, she put the cards on the table. For a brief few seconds they were filled with feelings of hope and expectation which was quickly followed by either a feeling of elation at winning, or more often, a feeling of self-loathing and sadness for losing so stupidly. She delivered emotions when she turned over those cards, just like a movie or a piece of music could do. For a few brief minutes, the movement of her hand as she took the cards from the shoe made those gamblers feel alive. It was a better existence than the one she had just a year ago. Escaping her creepy stepfather, trying to make the rent on a cockroach infested apartment,  lending money to douche-bag boyfriends her own age that fucked you and left you, getting off your head with drugs to forget about it all. No, this was a better existence.

The bus came to a stop and she got off. She walked in a loop around a block of houses, then caught the same number bus going in the opposite direction for two blocks. As she got on the second bus, she looked around to see if anyone was following her. It was habit. She liked to be careful.

She got off the second bus just a couple of stops later and walked down a shabby suburban street until she came to a modest family house at the end. The garden looked untended with overgrown grass and there was a “For Rent” sign on a wooden pole near the driveway. She walked up to the front door, took out a key and let herself in. Inside, she walked up the stairs and could see a light coming from the half open bathroom door and she could hear the sound of the shower running inside. In the hallway, she took off all her clothes then walked into the steam filled bathroom. She opened the door to the large shower cubicle and stepped inside. The water was hot and refreshing on her naked body. She put her arms around the person who was already in the shower, pressed her body against him and hugged him tightly as the water poured over her.

She just hugged him in the shower without saying anything for what seemed like five minutes. She felt warm and safe with her body against his and she was in no hurry to change position. Finally, she spoke. “I see they’ve put a “For Rent” sign up. Where will we go next?” He looked down into her eyes. “I thought maybe the Darwin Casino” he replied, as he caressed her soaked hair. She was surprised. “Australia? Oh wow, I’ve always wanted to go there. But first…” she got the soap and started lathering and then stroking his cock which was already half-erect. “First, I want to suck your cock while you count out loud the winnings I dealt you tonight. Hearing the sound of paper money being counted always makes me horny. But no sneaky cumming in my mouth, okay you pervert? I want to be well and truly fucked before you shoot your load. And don’t you think you should shave off that white goatee beard, old man? I like it when it tickles my pussy but we don’t want every casino in the world recognizing it, right?” He laughed and kissed her on the forehead. “We’ll leave for the airport in the morning, my sweet little girl.”

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