The last dating ads on this blog (?)

You have probably noticed I practically ceased posting asks (I receive mainly dating ads through them) and I also didn’t answered some personal messages. 

I apologize to everyone, who just wanted to contact me. I strongly appreciate your feedback, but managing messages costs me a lot of time and there are sadly more and more annoying scam profiles on tumblr. So, I’m currently thinking about enforcing stricter messaging rules (to make clear who will get a response and who not) and it’s possible I will decide to stop posting dating ads at all. 

(Asks concerning questions or notes on porn, sex and things like that are welcomed and will be posted – but I actually receive this type of asks very rarely)

But I also explictly promised to some of you to post your ads, so here they are:

@dailynoisydaisy says: “Hi, first I’d like to say Thank You! For such a breathtaking tumblr. I find older men just extremely comforting aside from being amazing. I’d also like to say that I’m seeking for an older gentleman with a filthy kinky mind but also with a hopeless romantic heart to talk/chat/sext to, roleplay with, possibly Skype call (not only to play, but to talk and comfort.) Also into DDlg, the bdsm dynamic kind.”

@holimoli69 , an elderly gentleman, is searching for some young girls. Send him a message if you are interested 😉 


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