A Beauty With a Whip, part II

A Beauty With a Whip, part II

(Part 2 / 2, go here for the part 1)

Having a fresh young girl like Carolina riding his dick made grandpa Pete really relaxed and excited. His initial fear was gone and he was ready to take the control over the situation. 

He made Carolina bend over, stood behind her, grabbed her hips, slided his cock into her and banged her with hard, manly thrusts. Since he was skillful and she was very wet it turned out to be very loud sex – in every corner of the house variety of sounds could be heard mixed together – his balls slamming against her body, his dick whipping juices out of her pussy, her excited moans, his panting.

Then they decided to change the position into missionary style that allowed them to keep an eye-contact. Pete almost came inside her womb but she said she was not on her pills and ordered him to spray his semen into her mouth instead. He did and she swallowed the whole load. 

“That was awesome Pete! Please, forgive me I’ve put sleeping pills in your drink!” she said with an apologetic expression in her face. “I thought it was the only way to make you sleep with me!”

“How wrong you were!” he answered. “Since now, you’ll need sleeping pills to make me stop fucking you!”