A Beauty With a Whip, part IGrandpa Pete had b…

A Beauty With a Whip, part I

Grandpa Pete had been drinking so much with that Spanish girl he met in the bar!

Her name was Carolina Abril and she was so voluptuous! But then he blacked out and whe he regained consciousness he was naked, bondaged and staying in front of Carolina who was holding a whip! 

She looked gorgeous and seductive but Pete was too shocked to have a hard on. “What an useless dickie you have!” she complained a whipped his small, flaccid penis with one stroke. “I’ll try to make hard!” she added, went down on her knees and gave Pete a blowjob. 

When he became half-erect and aroused she released him and ordered him to lick her pussy. Then she sucked his cock again and when it became hard, she eagerly jumped on it and massaged it with her tight pussy lips. 

(Part 1 / 2, go here for the part 2)