The Sex Addict

The Sex Addict

It probably started with tumblr porn. Masturbating under her sheets late on a hot sleepless night while she looked at the images on the screen of her Apple laptop. Everything interested her. From the everyday acts of mundane missionary penetration to the seemingly endless alternate ways that sexual congress can be consummated. Human beings are nothing if not inventive when it comes to finding ways to reach sexual release.

That was her situation. She needed orgasms. Lot of them. One or two a night wasn’t enough. She would finger herself relentlessly, constantly searching for that one last piece of sublime physical ecstasy before she collapsed back onto the bed in sweaty exhaustion. Finally, her body would overrule the pleasure centers of her mind in deciding that a state of deep sleep would take over until she would wake up refreshed the next morning.

It wasn’t as though she wasn’t a logical person. Her day job demanded that she be a cold factual automaton. Every working day she would sit through meetings where the meaning of obscure legal terms would be parsed and byzantine contractual clauses constructed with mathematical rigor. But after the workday was done, the human being inside her would stop pretending it was an objective calculating machine and demand that her brain be flooded with dopamine. Lots of dopamine. And the most direct route to that was to cum.  Not once, not twice, but many times, repeatedly.

She often wondered why her logical self didn’t push back on these demands by her body. She managed to be rational and controlled for the eight hours of her working day. It seemed though that the need for sexual release in the adult human sex-addict comes second only to the need for food. Orgasms were her heroine, a fix she absolutely had to have, no matter how much time it consumed.

For the viewer of pornography it’s more about seeing the act performed vicariously than being a participant. However, it can get the point where not being a participant isn’t enough anymore and that was when she started to have sex with much older men. The age-gap porn on tumblr had always been one of the most frequent triggers for her deepest, most satisfying climaxes. She could cum endlessly to watching young women like herself being penetrated by men three times their age. Men with large fat bellies. Men with no hair, Men who would be the last person anyone would have ever pictured her having sex with.

But to satisfy her need she soon found herself being fucked by just such a male specimen. And she loved it!