“A person reaching adulthood in the early twentieth first century” was the dictionary definition of a millennial. His personal definition was a young woman in her early twenties capable of creating havoc in the life of an middle-aged baby boomer like himself. To begin with, there was his daughter. As a single father, he loved her to bits and was prepared to do whatever it took to keep her safe and happy. The problem was that millennials like her were graduating from college and entering an economy that generated jobs, but only of the low paying service kind. With the inexorable rise in housing costs, it was inevitable she would end up living at home rent-free, spending her days either working in Urban Outfitters or socializing with her friends and often borrowing his car and needing some of his money. It was a little frustrating for him but such was the world that his generation had built so it was partly his fault,

Then, one day over evening dinner, his daughter asks an innocent question. “Can my college friend Ivy come to stay, dad? She wants to try for some corporate internships in the city and the commuting distance is so much shorter from here! Please dad?” The name didn’t ring any bells but then his daughter had gained a wide circle of acquaintances when she was studying. The term “friend” could mean anything on a scale from ‘we met a couple of times at parties’ to ‘she was the BFF shoulder i always cried on when I was down’. In the end, he knew his daughter had fairly good judgement when it came to people so he said yes. Could living with two millennials be that much worse than one?

A few days later, he came home to find a strange bag in the hallway and the sound of two young woman gossiping coming from the furthest end of the house. He entered the kitchen to find his daughter and a young woman he couldn’t recall meeting before, sitting drinking coffee around the kitchen table. His daughter stood up first. “Dad, this is Ivy.” The other young woman stood up and offered him her hand to shake. “I’m so pleased to meet you Mister St.Clare. And so, so glad you’ll let me stay here while i go for interviews.” He took her hand in his and held it for a moment while he looked her in the eyes. Her held felt soft and gentle in his and her brown eyes shone with the youthful excitement. She wasn’t exactly a clone of his daughter, but she had a remarkable similarity in her body shape and the way she moved. Her hair was cut in a similar style to his daughters and even the light makeup she was wearing seemed to have been applied in a similar way. He let go of her hand as the two girls spoke excitedly about what they planned to do together that evening. As they spoke, he pretended to listen but was distracted by the memory of Ivy’s hand in his and the physical reaction its touch induced in him. He gazed at her as she talked about all the interviews she had lined up and realized he was strongly attracted to her.

Being sexually attracted to a friend of his daughter’s should have come as no surprise. He was a regular viewer late at night of Internet porn and the porn he loved the most was to be found on tumblr age-gap blogs. There was no better sexual stimulation that looking at images of men his own age with their cocks buried deep inside the pussy of a young woman his daughter’s age. But the fantasy stopped short of the young woman actually being his daughter. The idea of that was something he couldn’t comprehend let alone be aroused by. However, Ivy was not his daughter so being attracted to her seemed totally reasonable.

After the three of them had eaten their first evening meal together, the young women went out to get a late evening coffee together and he decided to go to be bed early. That is, he went to bed so he could masturbate to the memory of looking at Ivy across the dinner table. After he came, he fell asleep but was woken just before midnight by the girls coming back. He could hear their voices as his daughter showed Ivy the guest room which shared a wall with his own bedroom, then the sound of water running from the bathroom. Goodnights were said and the television in the guest room was turned on at a low volume.

Perhaps someone should have told Ivy how thin the wall was between her room and the master bedroom but that night he liked the sound that was leaking through from her room to his. She was watching a late night talk show and as he lay there in the bed he started to masturbate again while he imagined Ivy laying naked in the bed a short distance from his. He hadn’t quite cum yet when the television was switched off and he guessed Ivy would then turn over in bed and go to sleep. Instead, after a moments silence, he heard a very faint buzzing sound, like a mosquito on the other side of the room.

With his erect penis still in his hand he softly slid out of bed and stealthily walked across the carpet to the wall of the guest bedroom. The buzz became slightly louder so he slowly put his ear to the wall at the point behind which he judged the guest bed was located. Instead of just the buzz, he could now hear the sound of soft female moans, moans of pleasure. With his ear stuck to the wall, he couldn’t help but stroke his cock harder. In the bed on the other side, he realized that Ivy was masturbating with a vibrator and as he heard the final heavy breaths of her orgasm, he shot his load onto the carpet. As he crept back to bed, he thought how he’d have to sponge down the carpet stains the next day.

The next morning at breakfast, there was no sign that Ivy had any idea about his eavesdropping the night before. He brewed some coffee and walked around the kitchen table pouring it into the girl’s mugs as they chatted. Ivy hadn’t changed into her interview clothes yet and was just wearing a loose fitting plaid shirt undone at the top. As he stood next to her filling her cup, he was able to look down the front of the shirt and get a clear view of her wonderful bra-less breasts nestling behind the fabric. He knew the memory of those oh-so-suckable nipples would be mental fodder for some intense self-pleasuring later.

He had to go out as well that morning but when he came back mid-afternoon, the house was still empty. He assumed Ivy had decided to spend the whole day in the city so he went upstairs to the guest bedroom. He pushed her door open slowly and his heart beat a little faster as he went inside. He looked around at the unmade bed, the makeup containers on the table and the half unpacked bag on the floor. He went over to the bed and knelt down so he could bury his nose in the sheets and breath in the smell she had left on them. He stood back up and slowly pulled opened the drawer next to the bed. Inside was a pink shiny plastic vribrator. He picked it up carefully by the end of the handle between thumb and forefinger as though he was a detective trying not to destroy evidence. He brought the rounded end of the next toy up to his nose and took some deep breaths. The smell of her juices on the plastic made him rub his cock though the loose tracksuit pants he was wearing.

He was about to place the vibrator back in the drawer as close to its original position as possible when he had an idea. He held it up vertically in front of his mouth and took four long, wet licks that ended at the rounded tip. Then he placed it back in the drawer and slowly closed it again. It was his way being just once removed from actually licking her cunt.

By this time, he’d graduated from rubbing his dick through his sweatpants to put his hand inside them and stroking himself directly. He was standing there with his eyes closed thinking about the sight of her breasts from breakfast when he opened his eyelids and spotted a pair of skimpy white lacy panties on the back of a chair. He went over to them and picked them up with the hand that wasn’t stroking his cock. He brought the crutch of the panties to his nose and took a deep breath. Unfortunately they seemed to be clean but they still smelled of her which made him stroke his very erect cock faster. Then, in a very male moment when the dick starts performing the role of the brain, he let his tracksuit pants drop to his knees and he placed the panties over the head of his penis so he could shoot his load into them.

He was still standing there with his eyes shut, feeling the post-orgasm relief coursing through his brain when he heard the front door open and Ivy’s voice call out. “Hello! Anyone home?!” He opened his eyes and realized she was one flight of stairs away from finding her middle-aged host standing in her bedroom with his trousers around his knees and a pair of her cum soaked panties wrapped around his deflating erection. As he heard her take her jacket off, he thought as fast as he could. He bunched the wet panties tight in his masturbating hand and pulled up his trousers with the other. Then he went towards to bedroom door as she began to ascend the staircase, on the way poking the sticky white panties between the small gap between her bed and the floor. She was half way up the stairs by the time he was outside her room and he managed to say in as carefree a voice as possible. “Oh, hi Ivy! I’m just going to take a shower. I’d love to hear how the interview went later.” He hurried into the bathroom, closed the door and sighed with relief. As soon as he could, he’d have to retrieve those panties from under the bed, wash them, dry them and put them back in her room.

The evening went smoothly. He cooked the dinner while the girls talked about the highlights of their respective days. Then they ate and Ivy said she would do the clearing up. After she took the plates into the kitchen, he was a million miles away thinking about the panties under the bed when his daughter brought him back to reality when she leaned over the table and started whispering so Ivy couldn’t hear her. “Ivy told me she thinks you’re the coolest dad ever! Her own father is a bit of a disaster and she doesn’t see him. I think she’s a bit jealous I’ve got you.” as she said this, the thought of cumming in Ivy’s panties earlier returned to him. “That’s nice to hear,” he replied and gulped down some mineral water.

As before, he went to bed before the girls. He was just dozing when he heard Ivy call out to his daughter. “Have you seen a pair of white lace panties? I can’t find them anywhere!” He lay frozen in his bed as he heard Ivy rummage around beyond the wall they shared. Eventually, she seemed to give up, turn the TV on for a little while and then turn it off. He got out of bed and crept to the wall again, put his ear to it and again could hear the soft buzz of her vibrator. He could tell her orgasm was much more intense this time. Hee heard her whisper “oh god” then “oh my god” as she came. Evidently she had conjured up something really pleasurable in her mind. He wasn’t planning to but he came again onto the carpet as she climaxed and he thought about his saliva being on the dildo she was using to bring herself off.

The next morning, just his daughter came down to breakfast. She told him that Ivy didn’t have any interviews that day so she was going to sleep in for a few hours. He nodded and told her that Ivy could borrow his car if she wanted to go to out somewhere. He was desperate to get Ivy to go out so he could retrieve the panties and having a car available might be a catalyst for this. His daughter kissed him on the cheek as she headed for the front door and said, “Dad, your the best!” With his daughter gone and Ivy asleep on top of the incriminating evidence, he decided he’d go up and take a shower.

He didn’t realize the bathroom was already occupied. He opened the door to find Ivy standing there in front of the mirror wearing a bathrobe. But instead of facing the mirror, she had her back to it and was looking down at something she held in her clenched hand. She looked up at him with a serious expression on her face. He was going to apologize for disturbing her but he was silenced by Ivy holding out her arm to him and unclenching her hand to reveal the soiled panties he had poked under the bed. Before he could formulate some kind of half-plausible explanation, she spoke. “You’re a dirty old pervert, aren’t you Mister St.Clare?” He felt there was no alternative to confessing his guilt. “Yes,” he replied in what he hoped was a repentant voice. “You know what, Mister St.Clare?” she put the panties down and pulled her bathrobe apart so it fell to the floor to reveal her naked body. “I like that in an older man.”

Some hours later, he was laying on his back on his bed looking at the ceiling. He had lost track of time. All he knew was that he was sleepy and could hardly keep his eyes open. Not surprising after the best sex of his life. She seemed to be dozing next to him with her arm draped across his stomach and her head lying against his chest. He stroked Ivy’s hair and marvelled how soft and sensual it felt. It recalled how he had kissed her in the bathroom and she had stroked his cock for the first time. Then they had moved to his bed and she watched her as she knelt in front of him and artfully sucked him. Then he was licking her out before penetrating her young tight pussy for the first time. Bareback because she said she didn’t like condoms, but he finish in her mouth, if he liked that. She said she didn’t want him to get her pregnant. As he had fucked her from behind, she had asked him about coming into her room and asked him what else he had done? He told her about licking her vibrator and he felt how wet she became around his cock as he said this. Then, they had both gone to sleep and woken up for more fucking later. His balls were definitely running on empty.

As he was laying there half asleep, he heard the front door again and his daughter calling. “Hellooo! I’m back!” and he suddenly remembered that the store was closing early that day. He heard her running up the stairs and towards his closed bedroom door. He sat bolt upright and looked at the door, knowing that his daughter was about to come through it to find that he had freshly shafted her young college friend. As he watched the handle of the door turn, he felt Ivy’s hand caress his stomach and, still relaxed, without moving her body, she spoke “Don’t worry Mister St.Clare, she knows.” He was a deer caught in the headlights of confusion as the door began to open. She knows, he thought. Knows what? The door swung open wide and he was soon going to find out…