Dick attack or heart attack?

Dick attack or heart attack?

“Grandpa, grandpa! Come on, wake up!” cries Mikasa while her eyes are filling with tears. She’s naked. Lying on a mattress in her client’s home. He lies next to her. Unresponsive and not moving. And yes, he’s also naked. 

While Mikasa’s mind is ovewhelmed with worries and sense of guilt, his sperm is slowly flowing out of her fresh pussy. He ejaculated into Mikasa’s womb just seconds ago. She works as a caregiver for elderly people and used to visit him every Friday. She was always so nice to him and he fell in love with her delicate beauty and youthful personality. Many times he masturbated while daydreaming about fucking her. 

Mikasa was fully aware of his affection towards her. How she possibly couldn’t notice it, after all? His old dick visibly stood up many times while she was touching him. But what remained hidden for a long time was the fact that Mikasa felt attraction towards him as well. He  was like funny father figure to her and she deeply liked his chubby, round belly. 

That day, she have finally found enough courage to act upon her desires. She rolled her shirt up, exposed her young boobies and waited for the grandpa’s reaction. In that moment, his balls completely took over the control over his body. He was excited like never before. He kissed her, licked her pussy, banged her in various positions, creampied her…and then he fell on the floor.

Mikasa was still trembling because of couple of orgasms she have received but she was also scared that the grandpa was way too excited during their sex session and his weak heart couldn’t bear it.

But luckily, the grandpa finally opened his eyes and breathed deeply. “Oh my god!” he exclaimed. “That was exhausting, but pretty awesome! What do you do tomorrow?”

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