No dick is too small or too old for Bella!

No dick is too small or too old for Bella!

“Why are you so sad, grandpa Moody?” asked Bella Beretta. “Your bad mood negatively affects your productivity!”

“Well. I have kinda intimate problem, boss,” he answered with shyness. “I’m now trying to date some women and yesterday, I thought I finally found the right one but everything went wrong when we tried to have sex.”

“Oh, I appreciate your honesty. Please, tell me what happened on that date!”

“Well, when she saw my naked body, she laughed at my dick. She said it’s too small and flaccid and I could never satisfy her with that pathetic little wiener. Now I feel so humiliated! But maybe she’s right – after all, my dick is really tiny…”

“Ooooh, don’t think like that! I bet you can use your dick skillfully! But you need a genuinelly hot woman who can arouse you so much to make your small dick really hard! It was definitely that woman’s fault that you remained flaccid!”

“Well, if you think so…”

“You know what? I will prove you I’m right. I will strip for you, make you excited and then let you to fuck me. Is it OK for you? You do like me, right? I bet I can make your little dick hard like never before!”

“Whaaat? Are you actualy offering your young beautiful and fresh pussy to me – an old man?”

“Sure! After all, I’m happiness manager here and it’s my job to assure your pleasure…”

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