Hi! Long-time fan of the blog! I know there ha…

Hi! Long-time fan of the blog! I know there have been issues with people complaining about the captions; I appreciate your will to write them. I also enjoy your creativity and the texts on a whole. However, I find having them embedded in the post means that the ability for the viewer to form her own backstory for the porn is greatly reduced, to the point of it being a turn off. Was wondering what your thoughts were on posting the stories but not embedding them, or why you chose to embed them 🙂

Hi, thank you for your message and honest criticism (I mean it) 😉 

But I’m not sure what are you suggesting when you want me to not embed captions into posts. Do you mean that I should write captions into separate posts and don’t use them together with GIFs? 

I write captions with intention to make make my GIFs more interesting – at least I personally think it helps to make them more interesting but maybe I’m mistaken.