The Phone Conversation

The Phone Conversation

She was standing at the mirror in the bathroom with her hair tied back and wearing nothing more than a thigh-length white silk dressing gown when she started to think about the phone conversation she’d had earlier that day. It was with her mother and she had been in the bus on her way to his house. They spoke at least once a week on the phone and her mother was always the good parent in being concerned about her daughter’s welfare, especially her emotional welfare. She tried not to pry too much into her social life at college but somehow she always got around to the subject of dating. Her mother would say things like, “I bet there are some nice boys at the college,” or “someone as lovely as you would get a lot of attention,” and other hints like that.

This time, her mother was overjoyed to hear she’d met someone who she was romantically involved with. “Oh, I’m so happy to hear that! Do you see each other often? Does he live in one of the dorms?” She’d told her mother he lives off campus in a house. “With other students?” was the next question. “Not exactly,” she had replied, evasively.

As she stroked her skin with cotton wool swab covered in skin cleanser, a voice came from the bedroom behind her. “Baby, when are you coming to bed? I’m missing you!” She called back that she’d be there in a couple of minutes. He seemed to be insatiable with her. As soon as she got back from college in the late afternoon, he would be there hugging and kissing her, putting his hand under her skirt and sliding it into her panties to feel her pussy. He texted her throughout the day to tell her how much he was looking forward to feeling her naked body against his. He obviously meant every word judging by the passion he showed after a separation of just a few hours. She loved feeling so desirable but had always assumed she would be the one with the greater sexual appetite.

Even after they had sex when she got home, he would be ready for her again after they ate. Sometimes, he couldn’t even wait until the meal was ready. They’d prepare food together in the kitchen and she might be wearing just one of his big cotton shirts and nothing else. He loved her in those shirts with no panties on because he could put his hands inside anywhere and anytime to touch her breasts and feel the rest of her body. He loved to touch her pussy as she was standing there after they had just made love so he could his fresh cum oozing down the inside of her thigh. Neither of them liked condoms and he found it incredibly exciting to feel the wetness of her pussy from the load he had left inside a short time before. So exciting, that he’d often suddenly hoist her onto the kitchen work surface when she was in the middle of preparing something, open her legs, unzip his trousers and push himself inside to cum again while the vegetables were steaming. Sloppy seconds, but with yourself as the first, he would joke.

As she wiped away the last remnants of makeup around her eyes in front of the bathroom mirror, she thought some more about what had her mother had said that day. “When do you think I can meet him? It would so nice to meet a boy you are close to!” She put the top on the cleanser bottle, threw the cotton wool in the bin and padded back into the darkened bedroom, in bare feet, towards the bed. She pulled back the egyptian cotton covers and let the silk dressing gown drop to the floor before she slid into bed next to him.

She felt his arm encircle her as she snuggled up to his warm body. She leant over and kissed him on the lips and as he turned to over to press his body against hers, she could feel the wetness on her leg of the pre-cum dripping from his half erect penis. He was ready to take her again, but then he was always ready to take her again. As he got on top of her and she opened her legs to let him penetrate her, she imagined what she would tell her mother on the next phone call. “Well mom, he’s a little bit older than me.” She could imagine the reply. “Oh really? How much older?”

At that point he had put his cock slowly all the way inside her and was holding himself over her face with his arms, gently kissing her cheeks. She felt so wet and ready as he slowly drew his cock all the way out of her and then began another longer penetrative stroke. As he began to rhythmically fuck her tight young pussy harder with his old cock, she closed her eyes with pleasure and managed to imagine the final words she uttered on that next phone call before there was a deafening silence at the other end. “Well, mom, he’s actually old enough to be your father. But I love him so much!”