Last Man of the Apocalypse

Last Man of the Apocalypse

No one understood how the virus evolved so quickly into something so deadly. One day it was just a few isolated cases cropping up around the world. A few months later it had morphed into a worldwide epidemic. It started out like a bad flu but within days a severe brain inflammation would develop. In the final stages, the infected would transform from being bed-bound groaning invalids to spending their last few feverish days as deranged roaming lunatics who would sense the proximity of any healthy human and try to bite them to death. If the victim didn’t die from the ferocity of the attack then they would certainly become infected themselves. It was like an outbreak of human rabies on a massive scale.

Soon society ceased functioning. People stopped going to work, institutions closed down, public services stopped. anarchy reigned. Armed vigilante groups formed and patrolled the streets, shooting on sight any they thought were infected but even this didn’t halt the spread of the virus. It seemed to be traveling in the air and with so many people living in close proximity in urban areas, the cities soon became desolate wastelands of empty abandoned buildings.

That’s how he had fortuitously survived. By isolating himself in his cottage in the country, but it was by accident, not design. He had been desperate to finish a screenplay he was writing and had decided the only way was to stock up on everything he needed for a month or two and lock himself away in the cottage with his laptop until he’d finished every last scene. When he had left the city, the infections seemed under control. A few weeks later, the power to the cottage stopped working and when he tuned on a battery powered radio, he discovered the modern world as he had known it was in a state of total collapse.

It was just after the time when the government radio broadcasts stopped that he had to shoot the first infected. He saw it coming down the track towards the cottage with wild eyes like a drunken zombie and knew immediately what he had to do. He grabbed an old hunting shotgun, put cartridges in the chambers, opened the front door and blew its head off as it came towards him. It was the first. There were others. They always came during daylight and it was as though they could smell the scent of a human who wasn’t infected from a long distance away.

Without anything on the normal radio medium and long wave bands, he tried short wave, but there was still nothing. Then he got out an old radio-shack CB handheld radio one evening and tried that for an hour. CB radio had a limited range of a couple of miles but maybe there was someone like himself in the area. The first few evenings he switched on and tried a simple message. “Mayday, mayday. Can anyone hear me? This is Kristian. Over.” Then on the third he heard a young woman’s voice reply. “Hello! Hello Kristian!. My name is Scarlett.” It had been weeks since he’d heard another human voice, and his heart pounded with excitement and joy. “Hi Scarlett, where are you? Over.” The radio crackled. “I’m over near the Catchataw river, by the wooden footbridge. I came here to study for my finals at college. The I found out there was nothing to go back to.” He knew exactly where she was. With the trail bike he kept out the back, he could have been there in maybe twenty minutes but he resisted the idea. It was amazing that he found anyone alive on the CB radio but it was safer for them both if they kept themselves isolated.

Over the next week, he and Scarlett would chat every evening over the CB after it got dark and he’d check how she doing. He found out that she was in her early twenties and clearly a little frightened but also relieved that she wasn’t alone in the world. She didn’t know what had happened to her family but she feared that by then they had perished. He asked if she’d seen anything near her cabin but she said no. He didn’t worry her by talking about the ones he had had to shoot. Often, in their daily chat, the two of them would joke about being the last people left on the planet.

He was a little taken aback when Scarlett revealed some of her innermost thoughts in one unguarded moment. “Kristian, I have to tell you, I’ve been getting really horny in this frigging cabin. I was starting to get worried I might not have sex with anyone again until I heard your voice on the radio. Don’t you get horny sometimes? Over.”

He’d had very little experience with sexting or phone sex so erotic conversation over an open public CB frequency seemed like an even greater novelty. He assumed there could be no one left alive in the area to listen in. “Well, yes, I have to admit that listening to your voice is making me imagine what your body looks like. Over.” He could hear the end of a giggle as she pressed the transmit button on her radio. “Well I think I look OK. Nice perky breasts. I think you’d like sucking them, What about you?” He couldn’t help but stroking his cock a little as he imagined putting his hands over Scarlett’s soft young body and sucking the breasts she was describing. “Sixty one years old. Five, ten. Pretty fit, Over.”

There was more giggling coming over the airwaves. “Age isn’t a problem, Kristian. Right now, you might be the only answer to my prayers…oh wait…what’s that!? Shit! Christ! It’s outside.. Oh my God!” He pressed the talk button. “Scarlett! What is it it. Are you OK? Over?” There was a moments silence and then Scarlett came on again. She was panting with fear. “Kristian, I heard something outside. I don’t know what it is! Over.” It was already dark but maybe the infected were now moving at night too. He didn’t wait to find out. “Hang tight. I’ve got a trail bike. I’ll be there soon. Over and out.”

He locked the cottage and strapped the gun to the motorcycle. He kick-started it and the engine roared into life. The dirt tracks were dry and there was a full moon. He kept the bike’s lights off in case they attracted the infected. He wasn’t sure if they might also be attracted by the noise but he’d take the chance.

As he took a final bend on the journey, he could see the river in the distance and some light from a candle in the window of the cabin next to it. He pulled up, unstrapped and cocked the loaded shotgun and knocked on the door. Bolts behind it were slid back and it opened to reveal a cute young woman in sweat-pants and t-shirt. Scarlett rushed forward to embrace him in a long hug, her head tight against his chest. “Kristian, it was a false alarm, but I’m so glad to see you anyway!”

As he lay there later that night on the bed in the cabin, he looked down to see her head resting on his chest as she slept. She looked untroubled and safe as he stroked her hair back from her face. He thought about how they had first kissed soon after he arrived and finally got over the awkwardness of their first meeting. Her body had felt so soft and untouched as he’d explored it with his hands. She’d told him she’d just had a couple of boyfriends before and didn’t consider herself so experienced sexually but he soon found she had a ravenous sexual appetite that needed to be fed. She was right about her breasts. They weren’t so big but sucking on them felt wonderful. He remembered how he’d cum deep inside her as he took her from behind bareback and she bucked against his thrusts as she moaned with pleasure. He told her he couldn’t hold back anymore and she breathlessly told him she wanted him to shoot his load into her unprotected pussy. Who cared about birth control at the end of the world?

He listened for any sounds outside the cabin and considered how the zombie apocalypse wasn’t so bad after her all if old men like himself end up with the cutest of young lovers like her. Then he fell asleep and drifted into a deep sleep. Too deep to hear the sound of multiple footsteps gradually approaching the cabin from all sides….