(Part 2 / 2. go here for the part 1)

(Part 2 / 2. go here for the part 1)

25 years old Misato Nomoniya had very little experience with sex and she used to say she’s not interested in love-making at all. When grandpa Yamada visited her, he tried to convince her that sex with old guy like him could make her change her mind.

At first, she wasn’t really sure it was a great idea and she was rather shy and  disapproving when the grandpa started foreplay with fondling and kissing her boobs. She was also unsure when she was supposed to take his old dick into her mouth. But her attitude changed when he laid her down on her back, slid his dick into her pussy and banged her missionary-style.

Misato was shocked how good it felt. It couldn’t be compared with not really pleasurable sex she had experienced with young guys. She realized that if you are lucky enough to meet an experienced guy who know how to handle his cock, sex is the most beautiful thing on Earth.

(Source: GVG-607)


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