How to make (your) young girl feel like she’s …

How to make (your) young girl feel like she’s in a heaven: A guide | Part II

(Graphic demonstration provided by Ai Uehara)

(Part 2 / 3, go here for the part 1 and here for the part 3)

4) Let her pussy to be pounded by a grandpa. Of course, you should do justice to all the guys present and allow them to take turns fucking your young girl. But you should carefully choose at least two privileged guys who will be given more time to bang her. The first privileged guy should be a grandpa. Grandpas are very experienced but gentle at the same time and they treat beautiful young girls like precious angelic creatures. So, a grandpa is the right person who can offer your girl very exciting and sensual fucking. 

5) Don’t let other guys to stay idle. When your girl is pounded by a grandpa or any other kind of a privileged guy, the other guys should do more than just watch. They will be probably very excited by seeing an old dick entering young pussy and there are different ways how they should relieve themselves from that unbearable sexual tension. Some of them may put their dicks into the girl’s mouth and hands and the others should simply masturbate or help to some of their friends and suck their dicks themselves. Feel free to encourage them to this as sucking a dick is very pleasurable thing to do and no man should be afraid to do try because of the fear he would be labeled as a gay.

(Part 2 / 3, go here for the part 1 and here for the part 3)