The Insurance ContractHe didn’t really notice it until…

The Insurance

He didn’t really
notice it until they were both in their early thirties. Up to then,
he’d always assumed it was her good genes, but as time went on he
became more suspicious. Why is it she had no wrinkled? Why is it her
body was as fresh and youthful as it had been when she was 21 years

They’d been together
since they were sixteen years old. Although he wasn’t her first, he’d
lost his virginity to her, and ever since that first time they had
made love together, they had been in a deeply trusting monogamous
relationship. He thought they told each other everything. But as time
went by, he started to wonder if there wasn’t a huge fact she’d left

Then he found the
bank account. She’d accidentally forgot to log out of the account
after borrowing his computer and he could see on the screen the
regular payments she’d been making to the insurance company. When he
confronted her, she just denied it but faced with the irrefutable
evidence of the payments she broke down in tears and admitted the

She explained that
she had never felt good enough for him. She could see how jealous
other women were of the wonderful man she married. She did it because
she felt insecure and wanted him to love her forever. To never leave
her for a younger woman. He forgave her, of course. And anyway it was
too late. Once the treatments began, after a couple of months the
body becomes dependent on the maintenance sessions that the insurance
company provides.

Now it was thirty
years after that discovery of what she’d done. He was truly turning
into an old man with gray hair and saggy body. She, on the other
hand, still looked exactly like she did in the year 2030, when she
was twenty one. When they went out together he could catch the
sideways glances of young men who clearly lusted after his wife. They
weren’t the only one. Despite being in his sixties, he couldn’t keep
his hands off her or his dick out of her pussy. What sixty year old
man wouldn’t want to be have a wife who looked twenty one. But then
then he remembered the contract and its conditions.

When the insurance
companies started offering policies to preserve youth in 2025, there
was a general outcry from every corner of society. Religious leaders
called it a flagrant disregard for the scriptures. Politicians ran
for office on a platform of outlawing it. Leading feminists called it
yet another insidious tool of the patriarchy to make woman nothing
more than pleasure toys for men. Despite all this, there were no
shortage of takers who signed on the dotted line and started paying
their premiums in return for a guarantee they would never age.

There was just one
catch, and he was well aware what that was. No insurance company
offered maintenance beyond the age of 65. On your 65th
birthday, all maintenance stops and within weeks or even days, like a
dam bursting, the decades of repressed aging ravage the body. No
exceptions, 65 was the limit. The technology became unstable and
unpredictable after that age.The insurance companies offered a
‘palliative service’ which meant a speedy and clean exit before the
suffering began. He wondered what she would want when the time came.
Would she want to suffer? Perhaps more importantly, he wondered if it
was all worth it. To never age, but also, never get old.


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