Sunday SchoolIt happened every Sunday. She had been teaching…

Sunday School

It happened every
Sunday. She had been teaching Sunday School and had always considered
herself a true Christian. But she had these desires. Unusual desires.
Desires she found difficult to control, let alone explain. When she
was around much older single men she felt a strong attraction to
them. She always thought how these must be unnatural feelings and she
felt an incredible guilt about how her pussy and breasts tingled when
she was in the presence of an older man. And then there was the
secret masturbation late at night. Alone in her room, when everyone
thought she must be asleep, she’d open her laptop and stroke herself
under the covers while she browsed through tumblr age-gap blogs. She
always came so strongly from the sight of those old men sliding their
cocks into the welcoming pussies of young women just like her.
Afterwards, she’d feel so satisfied but also so guilty about what she
had done and before she went to sleep, she’d pray to the Lord to lead
her back to the light. Maybe the Lord was out to lunch because she’d
spend all of the next day looking forward to be alone with tumblr
when the day ended.

When the parents
came to collect her young students after her lessons every Sunday,
they always expressed their gratitude for the time she’d dedicated to
the school. However, one of her students wasn’t collected by his
parents because they worked through the weekend. Instead the child’s
kindly uncle came to collect him. That was the way she came to know
this older man, a man who always had a twinkle in his eye when he
talked to her. She’d blush and look at the ground when she realized
how his eyes were roaming over her young body. If only he knew how
her pussy was also getting wet at just standing in front of him.

But it seemed he did
know her pussy was wet. Maybe the rosy blush of her cheeks. Somehow
she’d accepted his invitation to drop by for coffee at his house. And
now there she was, laying on his sofa with her legs apart and his old
cock fucking her young pussy. She knew that when she left him later
she would be wracked by guilt by what she’d allowed to happen. But
right now, she had never felt so much physical pleasure.


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