The Honorable ProfessorHe’d been lecturing at the university of…

The Honorable Professor

He’d been lecturing at the university of thirty years and had become one of the most respected professors of chemical engineering in the country. So what if he had a relationship with a young woman who was a third his age? So what if they had decided to make a sex tape? So what if the sex tape found its way onto the Internet? Was his private life and his sexual activities any business of the university’s ethics committee?

Society is full of hypocrisy over people’s behavior. While a large proportion of the university’s Internet bandwidth was being consumed with the streaming of porn movies, he was going to be hauled in front of an inquisition of his peers for having sex with a pretty young girl. A girl most of the men on the ethics committee would give their right arm to have their cocks inside.

He knew defending himself and pointing at their double-standards was a waste of time. Sex was something you did in private and didn’t talk about and he had broken that rule. Instead, he resigned and let them get on with their morally righteous lives. It just wasn’t worth it. But she was.