Future Sex It felt strange when they first scanned her body. She…


felt strange when they first scanned her body. She stood naked in a
silent, darkened room and then suddenly banks of lasers in the walls
sprang to life around her. The sharp red rays traced the outlines of
her body for just a few seconds before it went dark again and the
main lights were switched on so she could find her way out of the
room. She was surprised how little time the procedure took. She’d be
looking forward to her eighteenth birthday just so she could be the
legal age to go though with this and somehow she had expected it to
be much more complicated. The friendly receptionist smiled at her
knowingly as she left the company’s offices and she wondered if that
receptionist liked to use the company’s service too.

got home a few days after the scan to find the suit they’d
manufactured for her waiting for at her apartment. It was so exciting
to open the box and hold out this strange garment for the first time.
After she took off her day clothes, she slipped the suit on over her
naked body. It was made out of a black flexible synthetic silk
material that fitted her perfectly. She could see small electrodes
fed by tiny wires spread out like a drunk spider’s web through the
suit material. The network of electrodes seemed particularly dense
around her breasts and vagina. That made sense. That’s where the
suit would have to deliver some of the most erotic sensations. Then
there was a mask with a just a slit for the eyes and nostrils. It too
had a mass of embedded electrodes and she could feel them covering
her lips. Next, was a pair of gloves with more electrodes providing
sensations to her fingers. She plugged the gloves and mask into the
main body suit, which seemed to have some kind of WiFi network
transmitter hidden in it somewhere. And finally there were the
virtual reality goggles that fitted neatly over her eyes with
earpieces on the frames that provided sound.

she peered into the darkness of the goggles, she pressed a button on
the side of one of the lenses and a blue light appeared before her
eyes. A glowing red 3D message then appeared that said “Offline”.
She snatched the googles off of her head and looked at the clock. He
would be just waking up on the other side of the world. She picked up
her phone and sent him a text: “I’m ready! Are you?”

waiting for the reply, she started rearranging the apartment’s
furniture. They’d told her that she would need a lot of space around
her and that she had to make sure that there was nothing dangerous
she could bump into during a session. She also spread cushions on the
floor so it would be comfortable to lay down. She guessed there might
be a lot of laying down involved if things got wild. Then her phone
beeped and she picked it up to read the message: “Just woke and
I’ve got my suit on!”

heart raced as she closed the messaging app and opened the tumblr app
on her phone instead. Inside
the app she picked the option “Physical Chat” on his blog page,
then put the phone down and hurriedly put the goggles back on.

she stared at the message “Offline” in the googles, she smiled to
herself as she considered how antiquated and absurd sexting must have
been back when she was born, in the year 2016. She’d been told that
people could get off  just by sending each other sexually charged
text messages. She thought how people’s imaginations must have been
really good back then, in the good old days. Thank god it was 2034
and people didn’t need to imagine much anymore to live out their wildest sexual fantasies with strangers they met on the Internet. And for her, her fantasy was to have sex with a man who was much much older.

message in her goggles turned to “Connecting…” and her heart
began to race. Then she was in a room, a beautiful white room and
there he was coming towards her. He was naked and when she looked
down, she saw she was naked too. This really was the best virtual
reality she’d ever experienced. When he got close, she could see all
the wrinkles in his skin and every individual strand of gray hair on
his head. Their scanning must be really good because he looked every
inch like a sixty year old man.

kissed her on the lips and as she opened her mouth the electrodes in
the face mask gave her a sensation which was almost indistinguishable
from a real kiss. When he reached down to touch her between the legs,
the dense mass of electrodes gave her the exact sensation of someone
touching her pussy. She was going to have virtual sex with a man
three times her age and it couldn’t have any consequences whatsoever.
This was future sex, and it was great!