The Accidental MuseHe was a friend of the family who had retired…

The Accidental Muse

He was a friend of
the family who had retired to the Spanish coast to write a novel.
She’d just broken up with another boyfriend her own age and just
wanted to escape the gloomy London weather and the tiresome crowds of
people that swarmed around the capital.

When she got in
contact with him, he was immediately enthusiastic about her coming
down to stay. He was alone with his Macbook and thoughts in a house
overlooking the sea and said he’d pick her up from the airport. It
took her about two hours to book a flight on the internet and throw
some clothes in a bag before she was on a train on her way to catch
the plane.

When he met her he didn’t look his age. Yes, he was easily old enough to be her
father but at the same time there was a sparkling energy in that tanned
weathered skin and relaxed gait that spoke of a much younger vibrant man that
still inhabited his wrinkly body. Indeed, she couldn’t help
but notice the sparkle in his eyes when he saw her and feel the
appreciative warmth in his long affectionate hug.

She’d only ever seen
pictures of his Spanish house before. It was surrounded by protected
parkland on two sides and the other neighboring villas were far enough away. Her favorite spot was lounging about in the sun beside his swimming pool and after a breakfast of freshly
brewed coffee and croissants she would put on a bikini and lay
herself out on a sunbed with a thick paperback book in her lap.

He would work at his
computer just inside the house but through her sunglasses she would
catch him stealing longing glances at her body between typing a couple
of more paragraphs of his novel.

After the sun went
down, he would cook her a delicious meal, often risottos made with
local fish bought in the small country town which the villa overlooked. The
local Spanish people would eye them curiously as they shopped because of
their age difference and she would often take his arm just to stir
their curiosity a little more. She sensed how he loved the contact of
her fingers on his skin as they walked along between the market

Over the evening
meal, he’d tell her now the plot of his novel was developing. It
centered on a love affair between two younger people. She listened
intently and when he asked what she thought she had a surprising
suggestion: “Why don’t you make the man older? A lot older.” He
thought about this for a moment and asked her if she thought female
readers would like that. Would they really want to read a love story about
an older man and a much younger woman? She felt her pussy tingle a
little as she assured him his female readers would love that.

Over the next few
days, he continued to type away at his Macbook just inside the house
and she continued to sunbathe around the pool. But there was a
difference. She gradually took more and more of her bikini off and
became more and more naked as she caught the sun’s relaxing rays. At first it was just the top, then it was
both top and bottom. Through her sunglasses, she could see how he
would look up from his typing more often as she exposed more of her
body. Not only that, he would get up sometimes and hurriedly disappear into the
house. She would hear the downstairs bathroom door close, then there would
be silence for a few minutes, then the toilet would flush and he
would come out and return to typing, seemingly more relaxed.

Now she was
sunbathing naked, she tried to go a little further by keeping her
legs closed tightly together and then gradually let them open so she
could give him a good view of her pussy. She did it in a sleepy,
absent minded way but she knew exactly what she wanted him to see. As
she exposed herself like this, she couldn’t help but get wet. She
wondered if he was also notice the how the lips of her cunt glistened
as she exposed herself. Once, when she heard him get up from working
and then heard the bathroom door close, she quietly sneaked into the
house and listened at the door. It was as she thought. She could hear
the rhythmic sound of his hand stroking his cock and the groans of
pleasure as he masturbated himself. She knew exactly what he was
thinking about.

The next day, she
lay out naked on the sunbed again and she opened her legs wide with
her knees up so he could get a good view of her glistening pussy.
She feigned absent-mindedly brushing her fingers over her stomach as though she wanted to touch her clit. After a few minutes she heard the clacking of the computer’s keys
inside stop and his chair being pushed backwards. She knew he was on
his way to the bathroom to relieve his sexual frustration. Before he
could get far from the computer, she called out to him from the
sunbed. “How is the story going?” He walked though the patio
window and came out to where she was lying naked. “I made the male
character much older than the female and it’s working much better.”
She twisted her head towards him and she could see a wet patch was
visible in his shorts around a bulge in the fabric.

She lifted herself
up and spun around on the sunbed so her feet were on the stone of the
patio. “How do they get together?” she asked. He looked down at
her and took in the curves of her body with his eyes. “My heroine
decides that the man is uncertain and needs to be encouraged so she
makes the first move.” She leaned forward and slowly unzipped his
shorts. As she reached inside the shorts and felt his dripping,
half-erect cock, she expressed her approval of the story’s new
direction. “I think the heroine would probably start off with a
little gratuitous cock sucking so he understands just how much she wants him.”