The Blushing BrideShe blamed it on looking at tumblr age-gap…

The Blushing Bride

She blamed it on
looking at tumblr age-gap blogs. They always made her so wet. But she
didn’t believe she was really that kind of girl. She was getting
married in a week to the most wonderful man her own age and she was
certain she was going to be the most wonderful wife and mother after
a church ceremony surrounded by dozens of family and friends. It just
didn’t seem like herself to masturbate herself secretly late at night
to tumblr blogs showing young women like herself sucking the cocks of
men three times their age before those same old men greedily fucked
their young pussies.

But she always came
so strongly when she looked at those pictures. She really had to get
this out of her system before her wedding day. It must just be a
passing whim which she needed to experience once and then she’d
forget it. A normal girl with normal sexual needs shouldn’t be so
aroused by such unnatural acts.

So she got in touch
with an old friend of her father and explained her need. He sat down
and listened to her like a sympathetic uncle. He too wanted to see
her happily married and agreed it might be a disaster if she didn’t
get these unusual desires out of system. He explained he had some
discrete older friends they could meet up with and she could act out
any fantasies she liked in complete safety.

A few days later she
was in the basement of her father’s friend’s house surrounded by some
of the oldest and most erect, dripping cocks she had ever had in her
mouth. But no fucking. Just sucking. It didn’t feel right that
someone other than her husband on her wedding night should be using
her pussy for his pleasure. And giving blowjobs to a group of old men
wasn’t really cheating on her fiancee was it? That was no problem for
the horny old men. They completely understood and were more than happy just to feel
up her body and have their cocks sucked off. She kneeled down after a
good hour of  stroking, licking and sucking so they could cum on her
face one by one.

At last! She’d
finally become the girl in the tumblr pictures she’d been
masturbating to. She felt so satisfied. But maybe not totally
satisfied? Her little cunt was dripping at the end of the session and
she felt so frustrated she hadn’t allowed them to fuck her as well.
Before she left, she asked them if they couldn’t meet her again at the
same time next week. It was the afternoon before her wedding and… well.. she
really needed to be fucked by all of them. That would surely get these
unnatural desires out of her system.